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Taxis are expensive, yet they are the only way to get around without renting a car.

Extra charges are added to fares starting from the airport (2 Dinars) and any hotel (1 Dinar).

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Manama (Arabic: المنامة, transliteration: al-Manāma) is the capital and largest city of Bahrain with an approximate population of 157,000 people, roughly a quarter of the country's population.

Manama has emerged as the capital of independent Bahrain after periods of domination by Portugal and Persians earlier in its history.

Renting a car is far more efficient economically, but beware of driving styles you might not be used to in your home country.Manama is a small city on a small Island, you won't get lost for very long.Today, it is a modern capital with an economy based around the sales promotion industry as crude oil takes a less pronounced role in the economy.All roads in Bahrain lead to Manama, so see the main Bahrain article for details.


Always use the meter or you will, guaranteed, get ripped off.A ride to the central parts of city will cost around 5-6 Dinars (US.30-.00).


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