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It’s for this reason that I started e-Cyrano online dating profile writing in 2003 – to help singles stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind profile that attracts more attention from higher quality prospects.

And it’s for reason that I share with you this article that exonerates my position that good profiles matter.

And if you’ve been dating online on and off for awhile without much success, it’s distinctly possible that it’s because you had no idea how an amazing profile can attract a completely different kind of man.

Some of them messaged me solely to tell me my profile was too long.I cut it down by a paragraph and took out anything I felt was superfluous, but kept the most interesting aspects of my life in there. My response rate and and the rate at which women messaged me, stayed the same.


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    Being new to the world of online dating at the start of this year, I naturally improved as the months went by.

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    Take advantage of the 'Ohio Groups' option to browse members based on where they went to school in Ohio, or what their favorite sports team is.

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    The word comes from Latin: "miscere" (to mix) and "genus" (kind).

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    It is simply unwise, and unnecessary, to divulge information about your kids.

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    Quick flings and having sex with random strangers online is also a huge part of Streamberry.

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    Take time to understand them before using our chat systems.

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