Funny dating website stories


"I ran off and hid behind the nearest wheelie bin, ignored about 10 missed calls off him."He then had the cheek to text me the next day asking where I had gone and if we could meet for a drink." Julie, Wrexham "I took a girl to see Chicago and she spilled a glass of red wine over my new white shirt.She was giving looks of disgust to everyone who looked at me who was female."Fortunately, after the meal we went to get snacks from a corner shop and I accidentally bought a chocolate bar with nuts in - me having a severe nut allergy.This was straight after a big solo song in the first act, and I jumped up and shouted.


The dating game is tough and there are so many questions you have to ask yourself when you take the plunge and meet someone for the first time. These are all natural concerns, but spare a thought for those people who've had a TRULY terrible first date. And most importantly, will they be able to smell that garlic on your breath from lunch?


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