Gal is not updating

What the problem is: The Global Address List is not automatically updating when by default it is supposed to.What is causing said problem: The error causing the Global Address List to not update is a corrupt file within Outlook.This can happen after a long period of use with outlook and happens for no apparent reason.Note for Mac Users: Mac versions of Outlook do not connect to the Exchange server in the same way as PC versions.Every time a Mac checks for new mail, it also updates the GAL.Therefore, there is no need for equivalent instructions for the Mac operating system.

This article shows how to manually update the Global Address List (GAL) in Outlook (version 2010 and above).

So to force your Outlook to sync with the Exchange server you can manually update the GAL.

This morning I was asked to update the Global Address List and Offline Address Book in an Exchange environment.

The Global Address List is a directory of contact information that is stored in a central place called the Exchange Server.

As a faculty/staff member, your Outlook program automatically syncs with the Exchange server on a regular basis. For example, say a new person joins your workgroup.You could wait for Exchange to do it automatically (the default schedule is once a day) but what when you want to force the update to take place right now?


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