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As a straight Science Fiction picture with a Western-inspired third act, it's so bad it doesn't even manage the honor of being labeled a "watchable train wreck;" leave that oddball combination to Serenity.

This is just garbage cinema at its absolute worst, a movie with a miserable sense of humor -- doubly bad since it's trying to be funny -- an awful pace; a plot that's barely coherent; and worst of all, it's just plain boring.

Bad-to-fair video, fair-to-bad audio, and no supplements make the movies themselves the only real reason to buy, but for about the price of a single movie ticket to go see an example of modern Hollywood fair at the local multiplex, most of such movies being only slicker but not necessarily better, this two-fer of junk titles rushed to Blu-ray suddenly isn't such a bad deal. In the year 3008, space travel has become commonplace, so commonplace, in fact, that billboards advertising soft drinks and brothels housing alien hookers dot the landscapes of asteroids all across the galaxy.


This is the sort of movie one wouldn't even wish upon his worst enemy.

Drive-in fodder of the worst kind and a Star Wars rip-off that makes Starcrash look like a picture that could sweep the Oscars, Galaxina is a woeful waste of celluloid that may very well be "the worst movie of all time." Capped off by miserably-written characters, unfunny jokes, bargain-basement special effects, editing that barely keeps the movie together, some of the worst acting ever captured on film, and an ultra low-budget look that tries for future slick and curvaceous but that just looks cheap and rushed, "worst movie of all time" is indeed a strong possibility.

In her downtime, she develops emotions and falls for one of her shipmates (Stephen Macht) before having to brave an old west-inspired alien world to retrieve the Blue Star and restore order to a chaotic universe. Galaxina's 0/5 score can't even begin to describe what an utter disaster of a movie this is.

As a Parody of Science Fiction, it's a complete failure; leave that to Spaceballs and Galaxy Quest.

For more about Galaxina / The Crater Lake Monster and the Galaxina / The Crater Lake Monster Blu-ray release, see Galaxina / The Crater Lake Monster Blu-ray Review published by Galaxina and The Crater Lake Monster, a pair of lame-o B-grade drive-in movies with no real redeeming value save for a claim of possible cult status, arrive on Blu-ray courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment with no hoopla and no real incentive to buy save for a bargain-basement price.The films are rubbish, to be kind -- Galaxina is far and away the worse of the two, while Crater Lake lumbers on by as just another low-grade nothing of a movie that passes the sniff test but does nothing more -- and the Blu-ray releases, too, are nothing to write home about.


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