Galaxy angel dating sim walkthrough


Mint: Loves intelligence, jellybeans and dressing up in overly sized animal themed clothes. Cheatcodes:fuckthecredits - video of credits appearslapmybitchup - all fighting skills are given at the beginng of the gamenamethebitch - rename all the girlsigotabagofhair - 20 of each items in store at the beginning of teh game.Buy chciken costumes from one of the planets as presents for her. Forte: Loves Guns, loves forcing people to drink Volka and supports power. the best code ever to save moneythegreenback - gives 0000 at the beginning of the gamehinagirlsreturn - the galaxy girls all changed into hina girls characters~klacidmadegraphics - changes the graghics of the girls into really weird scribblings.You accidentally crashed you ship into another ship but not all is bad as this ship is fully of super hot women.Milfeulle: Loves flowers, enjoy baking cakes and loves magic. Try for fun.ihateyourmom - play the game as the charater Mint-Cloneranpharoxmyjox - play the game as Ranpha-Clone That's all the cheat codes given now in standard mode...Still trying on the Hard Mode (50 Days)Game is good for wasting time.Don't bother working on the ship unless you have a nice rounded 40hp left.You can earn your money through fighting the 3rd person.


She'll give 00 and a ring per time you win.5) Each girl likes different things. The charms can be bought at the same planet as the chicken costumes.6) When bringing the girls on dates, bring them on the the 0 dollar trip to the city.

Ranpha: Power and Magic, her last name is Franbiose or something like that, and loves to receive rings. It's the most expensive, but the relationship points given are the highest too.


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