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This video showed that his car windows were closed (), and maybe opened later (). Video B: This video shows his window was gone at the end.To me it looked too clean at the edges to be broken (), but undeniable, I can’t be sure. v=XHhfdlvz YMw&feature=related This video showed that he was very well conscious when he was rescued (), although he stated otherwise to The Star.I saw some protesters acted violently and shouted very bad words that I have never heard before. Anger is bad, and if they said that police are bad because they used violence, they too should not use violence, don’t break the law, follow the rules and don’t provoke the police.If I provoked my big sisters when they are busy or angry, I’ll be in big trouble🙂 Bersih organisers should make sure nobody break the rules, practice good manners, don’t use bad words and don’t put them in danger.Videos show that the people hit were standing/walking, and there were more than 3.

It is bad to blame others when we started a problem.

If I blamed my big sisters, they’ll tell me to listen to Micheal Jackson’s, ‘Man In The Mirror’. The Star reported that there was a four-wheel drive and a police car. file=/2012/4/29/nation/11200026&sec=nation There was only a police car in videos.

Malaysiakini reports that the four-wheel drive and motorbike came only after the car accident. They could be stopped, unlike the violent policemen. The Star reported that ‘the policeman driving the car lost control and crashed into three protesters sitting by the road, seriously injuring one of them’.

He might have provoked the police before the chase. So, that is why Bersih or any big rallies should be held in a stadium.

The protesters were angry with the police even before the rally day.Note that the man he pushed did not attack him later. This blog is the effort of someone who was equally suspicious of the Sogo car incident, although my points differs from his a little. v=gw Vf4z7frec&feature=related If you collect the evidence on police violence, you wil find that there was more violence from police than from the protesters. I believe that BERSIH demonstrations have always shown Malaysians at their best, with tolong-menolong being the main rule of conduct. Even in an event where people might have died, Malaysians did not retaliate with violence.


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