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But there is no indication that the president-elect is interested constructive solutions.

In an enormous upset for the United States, Donald Trump scored a massive victory in the country's presidential election on Wednesday.

But his most controversial project to date, the Elbphilharmonie, is about to open in Hamburg.

SPIEGEL spoke with Herzog about what the building's importance to the city.

When he got elected nearly two years ago, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras promised to stand up to the EU's austerity demands and restore his country's dignity.

With Donald Trump's victory, the world is entering a new and dangerous phase of instability.


In the hour of his success, the president-elect showed a humbler side. Most in Europe were expecting to wake up to President-elect Hillary Clinton.But now that Trump has won, many political leaders in Germany and the EU are in no mood to celebrate -- with some exceptions. As their reach has grown, social networks have become true political players: They can mobilize voters and bombard specific users with a candidate's content.British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking to make a clean break with the leadership of her predecessor, David Cameron.Even as difficult Brexit negotiations loom, she hopes to draw on her past to reunite the United Kingdom.


But now his political statements have attracted the attention of Turkish authorities.

Architect Jacques Herzog has designed dozens of buildings together with his partner Pierre de Meuron.


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