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More specifically, I began to ponder the issue of being a gay Christian in the black community.After all, it’s no secret that both Christians and the black community are often widely regarded as holding anti-gay views.So does that mean that a black, gay person who wants to love God and live in the Christian faith has to deny their sexuality?There are many passages in the Bible that list homosexual acts as a sin.During our interview, Mc Clurkin did not delve into the subject of homosexuality, but he did say that he had been involved with the church since he was a young boy and that the Christian life was the only life he had ever known.TABOO: The black church is often regarded as being anti-gay After our conversation, I began to wonder about the compatibility of being a true, good Christian and a person’s sexual orientation.


I RECENTLY interviewed US gospel star and pastor Donnie Mc Clurkin, to talk about his role on the Christian singing talent contest Sunday Best.

Whilst doing pre-interview research, I found out that the Stand singer had been immersed in controversy in 2009, surrounding the fact that he said he had been “delivered” by god from homosexuality.

According to reports, Mc Clurkin said that with God’s help and “by not choosing to act, the attraction and the appetite starts to abate.” The fury that followed from the gay community was immense, with many people calling him disgusting, homophobic and a self-hating gay man.

But the support that the pastor received from his mainly black congregation and the black Christian world in general was equally fierce.

Probably the most famous anti-gay tale in the Christian holy book is that found in Genesis 19: the story of Sodom and Gomorrah – the city that had to be destroyed.

So unholy was the city that even the angels sent by God to warn Lot (the only non-sinner in the city) about the impending doom, were pursued by men who wanted to forcibly have sex with them.


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