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I have an amazing connection with this guy I met online.

We've texted 4000 times this past week and a half and talked every night. Then the date went on, and either his gay voice went away, or I stopped noticing it. He was very complimentary of me and my female body......didn't seem gay. Then he gave me a huge hug and a delicious kiss goodbye.

To share with him your perception that he might be gay suggests that you think he's lying about his sexuality - either to you or to yourself. There are guys who are aggressive sexually, act manly, and are 100% gay.

I wouldn't recommend it for that reason, but I can definitely appreciate that you must be feeling confused about this. You should worry if he gets really physical with guys though: likes to hug them, likes to physically touch them playfully, talks about them in strange ways (he's cute, sweet), then I would be worried.



In fact, my gay friends don't often know if a man is gay or straight, if he's flirting or being friendly.And more than once, I've hit on a guy who turned out to be gay & then I introduce him to my gay friends. One of the things that initially attracts or repulses me is a man's voice and if he sounds very feminine or gay, then I can't be with him.


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