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Aurora’s value for cultural, historical, social, artistic and ethnic heritage is evident in the layout of the city and the style of the buildings.

This list of museums in Los Angeles County, California comprises nonprofit organizations, government entities, university art galleries, and private businesses that make their collections or exhibits available for public viewing.

Also included are non-profit and university art galleries. Museums located within the City of Los Angeles are listed in a separate list.

If you’re looking for a place that meets all of your needs and you’re curious as to what some of your best options have to offer, read over this list of the 19 Best Cities to Start a Family.

Also known as AMOCA, collection includes Southern California dinnerware, Mettach ceramics, industrial ceramics, factory made ceramics, ancient vessels from the Americas, fine porcelains of Asia and Europe, and functional and sculptural contemporary ceramicswebsite, part of Pomona College, collection includes 15th- and 16th-century Italian panel paintings, Pre-Columbian to 20th-century American Indian art and artifacts, American and European prints, drawings, and photographs Part of Scripps College, collection focuses on contemporary ceramics; American 19th and early 20th century paintings and works on paper; American, European, and Japanese prints; photography; Asian paintings and decorative artswebsite, part of East Los Angeles College, includes art from Africa, Peruvian and Mexican artifacts dating from 300 B.C., North American Indian Art, and important works from the renaissance to the present day Spanish-revival home of William S.As the largest city in the state, the possibilities are endless here.magazine even named Omaha the third best city in the nation to live, work and play.


The strong base in manufacturing, combined with a family-friendly atmosphere and numerous career opportunities, have earned this city the brand “Texas Made Here.” With exemplary and recognized public schools and a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award-winning community college, the education system in this Lone Star city is sure to provide a bright future for your kids.This Nebraskan gem makes a strong potential candidate to house a new family because of its reasonable cost of living, house affordability and median income.


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