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If you're a girl looking for lesbian dating, please do visit our friends over at lesbian dating agency.Gay dating has come a very long way since we first came online back in 2002.

By the way this particular site is for meeting gay guys only.

We proved that there is space for all kinds of sites - from the one-shot cruising sites through to sites that echoed a high-street dating agency style.

Thanks for landing on our site, because we really think you'll enjoy Gay Dating - one of the top UK gay dating sites.

As our name rather obviously suggests we're all about one thing - finding you the perfect man.

Back then the scene was dominated by just one or two small sites who had a kind of friendly rivalry going. We brought a different attitude to gay dating - which was not just about hookups but was more focussed on real, lasting relationships.

Nobody had tried anything like that before and nobody even knew if there was a viable market for it.


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