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California venture capitalist Peter Thiel will break a new barrier for the Republican Party by becoming the first openly gay speaker to address his sexuality at a GOP convention Wednesday – at a time of heated debate over gay marriage and transgender issues within the party.The declaration, while commonly expressed in the current era, will register a pronounced statement about the majority posture of the national GOP, which has taken a critical view of gay marriage and fast-evolving transgender issues.


I don't think we can fix our problems unless we can talk about them frankly,' he said.

Boehning, who voted against a bill earlier this month that would extend housing, workplace and other protections to LGBT North Dakota residents, revealed to The Forum this week that he is attracted to both men and women.

Bush, but spoke about trade and other issues that weren't cultural flashpoints.

Some delegates bowed their heads and prayed during the speech. 'Many people are uncertain in this election year, but most Americans agree that our country is on the wrong track.

He told the New York Times the web site 'ruined people's lives for no reason.Gay former Arizona representative Jim Kolbe addressed the GOP convention in 2000 that nominated George W.


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