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Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are in high gear. Known as one the country’s top dating coaches, hailed as LA’s Leading Dating Expert by Ryan Seacrest, Marni Battista is here to lovingly tell it like it is so that you can get Date With Dignity.

He’s an internationally-recognized filmmaker and screenwriter having produced, written, mixed sounds and created soundtracks for music videos and films.

He’s also a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist and operates a popular campground and golf course in Northern Michigan with his brothers.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download The conversation we’re going to have today is going to go all over the place, but the reason I’m going to allow this one to just free-flow and go wherever we want it to is because it’s about being creative and just being in the moment and seeing what happens.


He’s extremely creative and he’s done a lot of cool stuff.He even at one point was in a band that wrote a take-off of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, called “Boys Just Want to Have Sex.” I thought this was EXACTLY the type of guy I want to have on The Coming Out Lounge.Podcast: Play in new window | Download Now that you’re coming out of the closet, do you find yourself always dating the wrong person and being in the wrong gay relationship? Yes we’re going to get right to the heart and talk about those repeating patterns of always finding yourself with the bad boy or girl and making yourself miserable. Today on the Coming Out Lounge podcast, we’re joined by Lorna Poole who is an Expert Relationship Coach, Professional Speaker, Founder and CEO of Badboy Breakthrough.

He’s his own person, making his way in the world….please welcome Frank Rogala…

Frank Rogala is an award-winning vocalist and producer, and composer of cues for film and TV.


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