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The makers of Utica Club put a Julian date, year-trailing (i.e. is the independent consumer guide to beer product dating.

Those later bottles that do have dates use same dating system as the Highfalls Brewery.

All bottles labeled as originating from Dundee's Brewery should be past date by now, anyway.

Now, as then, the first four digits of the production code are a DDDY expiration date and the manufacturer number is 70310. According to their website's FAQ, the first four digits are a bottling date in DDDY format.

(Matt Brewing also contract-brews Rhino Chasers for the William Scott Company.



The last time I saw a bottle of Rhino Chasers (in 1997), it This imitation microbrewery was actually a subsidiary of Genesee used solely to brew the Michael Shea's Ales, eventually replaced by the Highfalls Brewery. Shea's Brewery used Genesee's product dates and manufacturer number.

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Advertisement: Sample the world's best beers, chosen for you by the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson This one might confuse you. It's a closed down front, however, because bottles of Dundee's currently claim to originate from The High Falls Brewery (which is Genesee with a new name). Dundee put production dates on their product for most of its existence.

If you want some more information about beer in New York, I like the the New York City Beer Guide. Dundee's Honey Brown Lager was actually brewed by Genesee -- Dundee's brewery was just a front.


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