Gerard butler now dating


Most of you – nearly all of you, in fact – haven’t been paying attention to Gerard Butler’s relationship with Madalina Ghenea.

They met last year, and I think they’re probably coming up on their one-year dating anniversary this fall.

Just one month after the two shared a romantic holiday together in Rome, Butler was caught red-handed by photographers partying with a mystery brunette at London’s Le Baron club on July 26.

According to pals, Madalina – who was home in Italy at the time of the alleged tryst – tried to reach her beau several times by phone but got no answer.

So obviously, there are reports that he’s fooling around on Madalina: Gerard Butler had better be one smooth talker!

Butler is reportedly in the doghouse with his girlfriend, model Madalina Ghenea, since being spotted getting cozy with another woman.

While I really don’t know that much about her, Madalina seems like a world-class famewhore – she’s all about self-promotion and getting her name out there via her relationship with Gerard.I honestly thought Gerry had finally dumped her this Spring, but she actually gave interviews about how their love is so intense and how she will always love him, so I guess they never broke up (or they got back together). Gerry isn’t used to dating just one woman for so long. He worries about a chick getting too “needy” after one Porto-potty hookup.


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