Germany dating agencies


To skype an chat with and build a lasting friendship. I can give you a promise that with me you will always have a smile on your face and every day will be very bright and happy. I like music and I'm open to listening to anything, i like movies too..

anything from romantic comedies, to action, and sometimes movies that make you scared and you have to snuggle up...

I love linedancing, my stetson, boots and country music. My favorite place in USA is (yes you may laugh no ;-)) Las Vegas and the western states.

But I like the whole world with all its beautiful places to travel and to get to know foreign habits, kittchen and people as such.

The strengths of my character My name is Jerry, I was born in Africa ( Nigeria ), Right now am based in Germany, am a simple and loving young guy, and my hobbies are Basketball, Football, And Tennis, thank you.


I have travelled a lot and seen many countries but it is never enough, is i Hey! :3 to short to dance with ugly peoples...put a Dime into the juke box and dance with me......:-)) I will spend 3 weeks on August in Calgary ( and lake moiye ).......maybe we can enjoyed some beautiful canadian sundown & a cold canadian beer/ a glas of red wine together :-))......ya Andreas from good old germany.

I'm from Germany and looking for some cool Internet friends. In case off interest, please contact me I am bright lady who will bring a lot of happiness to your life! i love to laugh, and have fun, i am honest, generous, sensitive,sentimental,and romantic. my heart is one i like nature, scrap booking, art,the wild west ,travel , some sports.

I do cry at romantic movies but also like action movies.

I think most people do considerate me as funny, sexy, determined and devoted as a friend and lover.

i am a caring, loving and honest lady, i love singing, swimming, dancing and cooking.hello i am Am Bright cool n handsome young guy looking for a true love a woman i will be proud of n respect at all cost, and to be the mother of my unborn son, +234---82 Am gentle n easy going young guy, with normal height n I like to dance and to laugh.


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    Arab features include Arab photo galleries, an advice column, Arab chat rooms, Instant Messenger and much more.

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    Alongside her were competitors from Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Micronesia, Cape Verde and San Marino - countries smaller than Afghanistan but light years ahead in terms of sporting equality.

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    And people who share the same passions should be together.

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    “In that quarterback room, we had Brett Favre sitting over in the corner, and Jim Mc Mahon laid out on the floor on one of the cushions he took from the couch. Andy taught me how to study.” High school football in Louisiana kept Pederson around football, and taught him a love of teaching. Reid got him started as an assistant with the Eagles—offensive quality control coordinator, then quarterbacks coach—and brought Pederson with him to Kansas City as offensive coordinator in 2013. He also knew it was April, and there was no sense in picking a fight then.

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