Global horizons consolidating a travel program chatten dating cafe

We are looking for students who are active, curious, open minded, and friendly students who have a positive attitude and who are optimistic about the challenges of spending a school year in the USA.

We work with our clients to identify potential obstacles to any global travel strategy and develop plans aimed at facilitating change in a way that achieves buy-in and, ultimately, compliance.

Corp Trav will forge a proactive partnership with your firm to develop a customized comprehensive global solution based on your needs, objectives, and corporate cultures.

Travel consolidation can be defined as the convergence of the components of a managed travel program at a regional level.


When companies consolidate their travel programs, savings come from two principle sources: Corp Trav will streamline and consolidate your travel into a cohesive program through proactive management.

We understand that providing an effective worldwide travel solution is a combination of balancing global client requirements with local market nuances.


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