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Try as I might, I can’t think of another time when young people have felt this voiceless. The country started to bleed red, but it wasn’t until the cameramen inside New York’s Javits Center, Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters, turned their lenses on an emptying crowd of sullen faces, that an entire generation, myself included, had to start making peace with a new reality: dignity had crumbled in the shadow of the id.



The women of Medellin, Cali and Cartagena are renowned for their beauty and you not find a bad looking woman online.

In fact, Colombia stresses the importance of physical features and almost every woman is beautiful with tawny gold skin, beautiful eyes and lustrous hair. Latin American women are hot-blooded but they are fiery, passionate and very friendly and this makes them a treat to date.

As a gay man who grew up in the time of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act, my mind wanders to the number of closet doors that have been dead-bolted after Mike Pence, a conversion-therapy enthusiast, basked in the applause of red-hatted “agents of change.” It would…

Everyone wants to fall in love and find a beautiful loving partner who will care for them, have a family and live happily after.

If both of you don’t want the same thing, you can easily switch over to a new woman and start the process again or talk to three to four different women at the same time to find your ideal mate.

Apart from these simple advantages, you should know that talking to Colombian women or dating them online provides a huge range of specific advantages. Colombia is a racially diverse country with beautiful women in nearly every skin color, body shape and facial features.


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