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One of the most common remarks I hear from male online daters is, “I have no idea what to say.” This remark is often accompanied by the sound of defeat and ultimate frustration, as most of these men have spent months trying to write messages that get the attention of women online, often to no avail.

The truth is writing a message that captures the attention of a woman isn’t nearly as difficult as one might think.

I hope you say more on a first date you know, or I’m afraid this just isn’t going to work out : P.” (I am being playful, establishing humor, saying something unique, being slightly flirtatious and creating a bit of a chase with this comment.) “Then again, you do love ‘Game of Thrones.’ (I am establishing a commonality here.) I guess we could find a way to work this out.

(I am being unique and setting up a role-playing situation by acting as if we are already in a relationship.) Alright, first true chemistry test: favorite character and why? ” (I am showing confidence, being unique again, creating more of a chase with this test, being playful, putting a unique spin on a familiar topic and establishing a commonality between the two of us.) And there you have it, folks.

From: Christophe Y See if you can relate to this: You’ve just spent what seems like “HOURS” writing up the PERFECT email to send to a HOT woman you found online.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s notate the components of an email that gets results.

So let’s now take a look at what a first email would actually look like if we were to incorporate these ingredients. Below I am going to show you an example of how I would respond, incorporating the elements discussed above.

A fun, playful and unique email that taps into multiple qualities that women are attracted to.

Follow the second list and with enough practice, you will soon have more than enough emails ideas at your disposal to use within seconds every time you write an email.

In parenthesis I will notate my line of thinking for each remark I make.Subject: We may have a problem here (This subject line ignites interest and curiosity, and it stands out from the other emails in her inbox.) Body: “Just a wink?


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