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Online personals, classifieds and dating sites are places to go if you're looking for friendship, companionship or romance. Read More » Java Basics, Part 1 Java is a high-level programming language.

When you place an ad or create an online profile, it tells others about you: your personality and what you're looking for in a relationship. This guide describes the basics of Java, providing an overview of syntax, variables, data types and...

Im always invested regardless of how painful it may, I always have 10% in cash and will move to 30% cash at market highs, for every 1% market pullback I will put 5% of cash to work, with a 6% correction from here I would be fully invested. I can't be good at everything but I'm great at what I do.

I have been divorced for over ten years and have...

These are local and national venues that make for good “Gigga Dates”.

If the venue or event you wish to go to is not listed then you can easily add it yourself with just a couple of clicks. When you go to the match maker you will only see profiles that match what you have set. There are so many options of dating sites out there, all with their own specific set of matching rules.

As a heart for other people is an important part of who I am, I believe I would best serve the Lord with someone who...

I would like to meet a guy who is fun to be with and generally good company.


After you have selected some venues from "Menu" =You will be able to see how many people are looking to go there in total and when you use the venue match maker you will only see people who want to go there based and also match with what you have selected in your match settings When you create your profile you will choose 1 of the following three options; 1: I'm paying. For example, If you choose option 3, "can you pay please", then you will only see profiles who have chosen option 1, profiles who are saying they will pay. We have left this totally open to how you want to use Gigga Date.

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Real State Investor, Money Manager.


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