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But that never happened and my siblings and I were split up and went to live with various members of my dad’s family on the Shankill road.

The communities from The Shankill , The Falls and surrounding areas arguable suffered most during the Troubles , as not only were we on the “frontline” of the sectarian divide , but the paramilitaries from both sides lived and operated among us and spent their time killing each other and anyone else who got in the way.

My parents were a rare thing in 1960,s Belfast and ignoring the political and civil disharmony between the two warring communities, they crossed the religious barriers and against the wishes of their families and local communities they got married.

Dad came from an ultra loyalist family from the Shankill Road area of Belfast and Mum came from a Republican family from the nationalist Falls Road.

I had been to Preston a few times on business trips previously and to be honest it hadn’t really left an impression on me.


Hopefully we can all put the past behind us and build a lasting peace and learn to live side by side and respect each other’s history and culture.

Forward Boarding the Virgin train at London Euston I ignored the day trippers and business travellers and took my seat opposite my brother David and we settled in for the three hour journey north to Preston, in Lancashire.


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    On the opposite side was a "special building" with an extended entranceway and supports for interior benches. The red Avery Engraved bowl in the middle is probably a trade piece from the Mc Curtain phase area in the Red River Valley to the north. Note the consistent east-west grave orientation and the fact that the graves do not intrude into one another.

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