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They have been billing me directly since early Feb. So, I am working my way thru the other channels available to me to bring this company’s business practices and business ethics, or lack there of to light.Review Great Expectations is the United States' best matchmaker service.This allows them to screen and validate prospective match members.This company is all in the business of selling product and not providing any service. When I complained about the numbers or lack there of of members in my area (I consider a 20-25 mile distance plenty of area), I was told that it takes time/ they have new members joining all the time/ or we would never promise members in any particular area/ we tell everyone they must be willing to travel at least miles to hope to have anyone available.Problem is that they are in the “providing a service” business. The variance in the answers involved the timeline of my series of complaints.I was having my membership fee charged to my credit card in monthly payments.After paying over half and being with the service for over a year (approaching 18 mos) and getting no satisfaction or attempt on Great Expectations to resolve the issues, I contacted the Cleveland BBB.Unfortunately, they have no power to get a company to do anything to resolve a customers complaint.




After stopping the Jan 2014 payment and doing their investigation, the complaint was “found in my favor”, the credit remains on my card and that according to them, I am no longer responsible for the balance of my contract. Universal Account Services, does not talk to anyone.

They do not even log in the fact that I have talked to them multiple times since early Feb 2014.


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