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This page, specifically for placing vehicle-related Tonka toy adverts on, was included on old classic car as an addition to the main toy cars section.

The hobby of seeking out and collecting old toys has grown and grown, and the widespread use of the internet has furthered people's interest in collecting old Tonka models, toys and other playthings.

One things for sure, storing a large collection of old toys is usually a lot easier than garaging the real vehicles, unless your Tonka collection is huge.

Some toy manufacturers specialised in producing a particular type of transport toy (eg steam vehicles), whereas others diversified and sold toy cars, lorries, aircraft, buses, coaches, pickup trucks, vans and so on.

Although there is a fee to sell on it, e Bay often turns up some interesting old toys and spare parts - click here to see what item(s) are on e Bay today, you never know!

Registering as a buyer costs nothing, and allows you to save your favourite Tonka-related searches, so have a look at the e Bay window further down.

Some, such as Dinky or Spot-On, tended to specialise in producing die-cast metal toys, whereas other companies may be best known for their lithographed tin-plate or cast iron toys and games.


Please note that no-one at oldclassiccar is endorsing any of the advertisers on this page, the items they are selling, or the legalities around what they are offering - caveat emptor!We wouldn't recommend paying for anything without seeing it 'in the metal', firsthand, especially important when dealing with old toys that could be inaccurately described.If Tonka produced this type of toy, feel free to post an advert on this page about it.Please only place adverts relating to Tonkas on this page - the full list of toy manufacturers covered in this section can be found on the main vintage toy ads page. If you a regular collector of these toys or models, I'd recommend Bookmarking this page - the number of collectibles adverts should increase as time passes by and more Tonka enthusiasts find and use this service.

If collectable Tonkas are your thing, then please feel free to use this noticeboard.Different manufacturers produced different types of toy or model vehicles.


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