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We have been working hard to redesign and rebuild our website to make it work better on mobile phones, tablets, desktops and much much more.However, you may have found a link which points to a page which has moved, or been deleted. It serves as the spiritual centre for the community of Hertfordshire and beyond.Any visitor to our church will tell you that it is like a little monastery you expect to find at the top of a mountain in Cyprus or Greece.John the Baptist Greek Greek Orthodox Church’s annual fundraiser. Choose between a lineup of new cars including a brand new 2017 BMW.If you would like to support future Greek festivals, as well as our ministry by providing an additional donation, please contact us here.


If you have time, please could you let us know what you were looking for by getting in touch.

While the Tampa Greek Festival is a fun festival for the community, it’s also St.

Our church welcomes worshipers from other Orthodox Christian communities (Greek and non-Greek) and is especially popular with the younger generation who select it for their weddings and baptisms.

We are the only Greek Orthodox church in the United Kingdom that broadcasts live video (see links above) and caters for online bookings (see link above) for weddings and This year our church is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Welcome to the website of The Twelve Apostles Greek Orthodox Church.

The church is one of many Greek Orthodox churches in the United Kingdom.


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