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Greenville, Ohio (population: 13227) had 0 hail reports within 10 miles of the city center located at (40.10283, -84.63301) in 2016.

Wins this week's Skoal Rebel Award for unalloyed Conservative internet cluelessness. It shows up on google and I will see a lawyer if this doesnt disappear. George Tierney may soiled (prior to his meteoric rise to internet stardom) while crapping himself over how this country has gone to the fucking dogs thanks to the god damn lawyers! Tbogg's commenters seems to think this might be so, but then they are just the shrill minions of a man who posts irresponsible things on the internet all the time, so who knows?

Channel "D", he said them to her on this thing called the "Twitter" that all the kids are into these days. Tbogg picks up the story here (and, I trust, in the spirit of Christian brotherhood, he will refrain from hiring a lawyer to a] take all my munnies away from me, and b] force me to remove from Teh Google all the stuff I am about to copy from his public statements. ): Misunderstanding how the Twitter works, George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina seemed to think he was using his “inside voice” when speaking (twatting) to Ms.

After all, hating "trial lawyers and "activist judges" and chalking everything wrong with Murrica (that you can't explain away using lazy Negroes, sinister Immigrants, uppity Wimmin and Dirty Hippies) up to a lack of Tort Reform is Conservative holy writ, and I doubt a real Conservative hero (and Freedom Works retweeter..,and big fan of Facebook stalking) like Mr. of Greenville South Carolina would have left that box unchecked. who was in business development/sales at recently-dissolved Sunland Staffing, Inc.? ) Hey speaking of shrill of and irresponsible, remember culture warrior and good ol' boy, Trent Lott?

Anyway, that is where I came in when I screen-capped the whole exchange and made a post out of it, which brings us to last week when George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina decided to google himself on the internet and OH HOLY SHIT!


of Greenville South Carolina had some very, very bad things to say about about Sandra Fluke. I did not give you permission, nor did you ask me for it. Sincerely, George Tierney Jr This whole thing is really really funny in an obnoxious-clown-being-hit-by-a-pie-shaped-meteor kind of way, but to me the most delectable detail is Mr. of Greenville South Carolina's instant and absolutely predictable litigiousness. to the c-word-ishness of various uppity women) I would speculate (irresponsibly of course) that there are may be at least one or two bar-stools in Greenville South Carolina which Mr.

he is now kind of semi-famous for Doing Internet Swears At Ladies and now that all that money he spent on e Harmony is just fucking wasted because ladies will not want to go on a date with him ever ever again besides the fact that all he ever wants to talk about is golf which is like the third gayest sport ever. So eight days after I shared The Magic of George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina he wrote an email to my patron d’art, as follows: Whoever runs this site needs to take my damn comments off of it. of Greenville South Carolina has dropped all over The Twitter (on topics ranging from Obama's criminality and Socialism!

Someday it will happen, and the sooner the better." - Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi today credited the agenda of tax cuts, deregulation and tort reform initiatives passed by the Congress and signed into law by President Bush with the overall upturn in the national economy." - Sen. Trent Lott, 8/4/01 According to a former aide, Lott’s voting record on tort “reform” legislation usually echoed his rhetoric.

Trent Lott press release, 12/2/05 "If their answer to everything is more lawsuits, then yes, that's a problem, because I certainly don't support that." - Sen. However, when his own 0,000 house was destroyed in Katrina, and State Farm denied his claim, all of this rhetoric went out the window and he went straight to the courthouse.

"The Democrats seem to think that the answer is a lawsuit. Trent Lott, 7/20/01 "I'm among many Mississippi citizens who believe tort reform is needed." - Sen.

Trent Lott, 5/8/02 "You know, obviously we should [enact tort reform]...


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