Gregory smith dating 2016 dating a tall woman


The 34-year-old dated the actor earlier this year, but ended their relationship in July, telling fans that she had been "hurt by an idiot boy again".

The pair had also struck up a bond on Twitter, and showed that they had got serious quickly by getting matching tattoos in March.

A source told that the pair had chemistry "straight away" and had a shared passion for their respective careers.

While it is not clear what caused the split, Sheridan does not appear too heartbroken judging by her social media pages, and has since started following her ex-boyfriend Greg Wood again – prompting speculation that a reconciliation could be on the cards.

The show’s most recent season on ABC was its lowest rated to date. “Rookie Blue” hails from Shaw Media, Thump, Inc., Canwest, Ilana C. It was created by Tassie Cameron, Morwyn Brebner and Ellen Vanstone.


Sheridan also had the words "Gregory's Girl" written above the inking, while Greg opted for the words "My Sheri Amour".

“After six fun and dramatic seasons, our story has come to its natural close.

Although Sheridan and Greg's relationship ended badly , they appear to be taking steps to make up, with the actor tweeting to congratulate his former girlfriend for her International Emmy nomination on Wednesday.

"@Sheridansmith1 congratulations to my darlin on your international EMMY nomination," Greg wrote.


When a follower asked her if she really was single, she replied: "I sure am :) bye boys!!X" Sheridan Smith tweeted to say she is single Sheridan had recently been linked to bassist Andy after asking him out on Twitter.


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