Guardan dating

Of these 170,000 members; 51% are male, and 49% are female.You can do a basic search without needing to create a profile, and without entering any other personal information.For the full insight, we recommend you read our Guardian Soulmates review in its entirety. Their membership numbers are mostly made up of Guardian readers.So what are the typical characteristics of a Guardian reader?

However, they have provided one tool which is designed to save you valuable time. Both simple and advanced search options provide a means of narrowing down potential dates.Maybe you prefer athletic bodies to a more rounded shape? Then you can easily block them from contacting you. Yes that’s available too, so you can flirt whilst on the move. A very small number when compared to larger UK dating sites like


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    Many of the people I chat with online on most days and nights are spending their time online doing text only chat.

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