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The baby will be a half brother to the director’s son Rocco and adopted son David Banda, from his marriage to Madonna.Ritchie has been dating former Lynx model Jacqui since April last year and announced her pregnancy in March.According to the Mirror, Miss Ainsley, 29, underwent an emergency caesarean but delivered a healthy baby boy.

Ever since, Guy has paraded her around, and she seems to enjoy the attention immensely.She also appeared in the opening credits for the James Bond film Die Another Day, which starred Pierce Brosnan and Bond and Halle Berry as the leading lady.The Essex-born model is Ritchie’s first serious relationship since divorcing Madonna in 2008.She seems like a pretty standard-issue trophy girlfriend/wife, someone attractive but not particularly “deep”.

Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday. He is legally the father of Rocco and David Banda, and he was step-father to Madonna’s daughter Lola. His girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley gave birth to a son on Monday morning at London’s Portland hospital, according to reports.

According to British sources, Jacqui needed an emergency C-section, but mother and baby are fine. I want to think Guy still spends time with Lola, because they always seemed very close, and I know Guy spends time with David and Rocco too. The couple’s baby arrived a couple of days early by Caesarean section at 11am.


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