Guys wish girls knew dating

Girls “generally” don’t like giving head, so appreciate it when we do! Anything we Say or do during that 4 days to a week at that time of the month cannot be held against us.

If a girl does like you, she would probably do anything for you. But we’ll also give you the cutest smile while making it up after a fight! You just can’t force us to like sports…especially those associated with the WWF.

Keep in mind that we withold sex when we’re mad at you, so you might wanna get around to apologizing… Girls bring up old issues during a fight, not to hit you with a low blow, but because we remember it. If you do not own a wife-beater, stop reading this list, and go invest in one…RIGHT NOW. Please just act like like you care, even though you don’t.

holding our hands and kissing us on the cheek in public gets us excited. No girl just wants to be your “friend with benefits”. If you’re gonna look at other girls, at least make sure we don’t see you do it. We’re sensitive too…be gentle (and we’re not talking about our hearts here guys). After all, all girls think a great conversationalist is an excellent catch. If we happen to trip, fall, etc, while wearing the exceptionally high shoes that we love, go ahead and laugh…we will be…that is unless we hurt ourselves. We love it when you don’t change around us when your with your friends.


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