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Cuffing Season refers to the fall/winter months where people tend to pair off, only to break up come the spring/summer when the weather is fine, and you’ve got being single on the mind. Then you ask them what they do for a living, and you get a one-word answer like “retail”. Cuffing Season There are certain times of year when it’s good to be single, and some when it’s good to be shacked up. Never a question back, never even an inkling that they’re interested in the conversation. Sometimes it’s even worse, and you get no response at all. Why the hell did you match with me in the first place, if you don’t want to talk? I mean, there are benefits to both all year long, but when the cold weather comes, it’s nice to have someone to curl up by the fire with. These are some of the biggest examples: Benching What is benching?Well, if you’ve ever played a team sport, you know that being ‘benched’ isn’t such a good thing. Benching is the process that someone you’re interested in might take, that involves staying in contact with you via text, Facebook, Snap Chat etc., but never actually agreeing to make plans in person.Once again, drawing on personal experience, this strategy can be hit in miss. This one applies specifically to dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. So you match with someone on Tinder/Bumble/whatever.The person is (obviously) attractive to you, their “About Me” makes it seem like they’re a pretty cool person, maybe you’ve got several things in common. So you put together your best opening line, fire it off into the universe, and you get an extremely weak response back. Essentially, they want to keep you around in case one of their “players” goes down, and they need someone else to jump into the lineup. Haunting This term applies to a similar strategy of keeping oneself on the mind of someone from your past, in the hopes of a potential rekindling. So, in order to get back in the sack with your ex, you start liking their Facebook post, sending them Snapchats, commenting on something on Instagram etc.

For example, you ask them what they’re really passionate about, and they respond “idk, I like movies..”. Not exactly the enthusiasm you were looking for was it?



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    Although the words "status quo" will not appear on any ballots this election cycle, voters will nonetheless be forced to make the binary decision between doubling down on the status quo by voting for Hillary Clinton, or pivoting toward meaningful change and a course correction for the country by voting for Donald Trump. 8, Congress should shut down the government, except for essential military or law enforcement personnel, on the first day after the 2017 inaugural unless and until the new president restores the republic by doing these five things.

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    Like the love in our hearts and the luxury in our lineage."Two of my erotic poems ' Violent Thirst' and ' Wet Possession' have been published in a limited edition book titled ' In The Woods & On The Heath' with illustrations by Van Rijn.

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    In 2015, she starred in the American adaptation of The Slap, playing the same character, Rosie, that she had played in the Australian version.

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