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Split Custody - With this type of custody, both parents have physical custody of at least one child from the marriage.

Where you once worked together as a team on issues concerning the children, you may now find yourself battling over every little thing.

The following sections discuss some of the issues that you will probably face concerning children and divorce. Get information to help you understand the basics of legal custody.

FAQs about temporary child custody - Answered by the legal expert.Divorcing with Children - Understanding how custody is generally determined and doing what's best for your child.Child Custody discusses the various child custody arrangements available to you. - This series of questions and answer will help you to understand how custody is decided in different situations.Military Child Custody and Visitation - Understand the complications that arise due to jurisdiction, deployments, and more.


FAQs about joint or shared physical custody Considering 50/50 Custody?- While this may seem like a reasonable custody arrangement from a divorcing parent's perspective, it might not be the best thing for the children.



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