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With a few caveats: your guide bought his Livitrans train ticket from Hanoi to Hue at the train station himself, but wouldn't dream of going straight to Ha Long Bay without the help of a travel agency.Vietnam's travel attractions are incredibly charming, their travel agents considerably less so.A distressingly large segment of the hospitality industry - from taxi drivers to travel agents - will not scruple at using dishonest means to cheat you out of your cash.

Travel agencies in Hanoi, Vietnam suffer especially from this bad reputation.Copycat travel agencies, hidden charges, and opaque pricing schemes bedevil Vietnam travelers who don't do their homework.For tips about getting the best value from a travel agency, these articles should be of use: Finding a Good Travel Agent and Travel Agents: What You Need to Know. Pop quiz: how many branches does reputable tour café Sinh Tourist (formerly known as Sinh Café) have in Hanoi?The real answer is two, but you'd be forgiven for thinking there are over a dozen Sinh Cafés in Hoan Kiem district alone, given their numbers in the Old Quarter.


Every hotel in Hanoi offers tour services, but should you book through them?Remember that Hanoi hotels tend to outsource these services to third party tour agencies; you end up paying more for tour services while not faring any better than if you bought the tour yourself at the agency.



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