Harry judd dating izzy

She was conceived via IVF following the couple's fertility struggles. magazine, the 30-year-old opened up about how it feels to be a father, saying: "Everything we went through was worth it because it has brought us to this moment.

IVF is just mind-blowing and such an amazing thing to give us this family.

"You are just floating in a cloud of love," he added. It is the best thing ever." Judd met his wife, a former violinist with Britain's Got Talent group Escala, when she appeared as part of the string section on Mc Fly's 2005 concert tour. "It's such a relief when you hear her cry and know she's OK," a delighted Mrs Judd added. All babies are miracles, but she fought the race." The self-taught drummer shot to fame when Mc Fly's first single, 5 Colours In Her Hair, went straight to number one in 2004.

"Our wedding day was the best day of my life and this was a similar feeling, but times 10. A year later, Judd and bandmates Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter scooped a Brit Award for best pop act.

Mc Busted star Harry Judd has talked about his wife Izzy’s pregnancy, admitting that they used IVF due to troubles conceiving naturally.

Izzy suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, and so the couple sought medical help when she failed to get pregnant.


Speaking about the miscarriage, Harry said: "We felt like it would be fine. We were already planning our whole life ahead of us. Finally it's happened.' It had been a lovely time, knowing Izzy was pregnant."Izzy suffered a bleed on Boxing Day, prompting the couple to visit their doctor. magazine, Harry recalled: "I felt awful but I just wanted to be brave for her.Harry Judd has introduced his newborn baby daughter Lola for the first time, in a heart-warming shoot with his wife Izzy.The Mc Fly drummer praised IVF as "mind-blowing and amazing" as he opened up about welcoming his daughter Lola Rose Emma Judd, who was born at the end of last month, weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 2oz.Izzy said: "I think we'll be nervous, really, until our baby is in our arms."Harry stated: "You feel like you are never going to be the ones who get to say, 'We are having a baby.' That is why we feel so blessed now. "Izzy added: "I was a little bit tempted, but Harry was adamant.


We drove to the doctors and he did a scan and that was terrible to hear him say, 'There's nothing there.'"Harry and Izzy decided to take a break from fertility treatment, before embarking on a second round earlier this year and feel "blessed" to be expecting a child.READ: Help getting pregnant Though they are overjoyed to have made it through the first trimester, the couple admit they will remain "nervous" until their baby arrives in January.



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