Haylie ecker nude


Last year Bond, who comprise Haylie Ecker, 25, Eos Chater, 25, Tania Davis, 26, and Gay-Yee Westerhoff, 27, caused uproar when they were asked to perform at the Classical Brits despite the fact their up-tempo sound, often accompanied by a rock band and dancers, had been declared pop music by chart compilers.

Their spokesman yesterday said they were surprised by Sir Thomas's outburst as they had recently recorded an album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.



And there are these Gregorian Babes going around in cheap Janet Reger knock-offs. The RPS is a historic institution, and it's time for them to put their heads above the battlements and say what we stand for.'The recording business is in decline and seeking a way to sustain itself, so it produces all these gimmicks - the wet Tshirts and pubescence - and we're looking at a diminution of quality.' He added that the English National Opera's version of the 18th- century Don Giovanni, which featured gay rape, transvestites and drugs when it was staged earlier this year, showed producers wanted to be pioneering at the expense of traditional features of the classics.



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