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This character is a young woman in her early or mid-20s, and is the daughter of a professor (presumably an archaeologist).


Although she may be Grimaldi's daughter, it's not expressly stated in the movie that she is.1 Moonspell: Magdalene The Vision Bleak: The Curse Of Arabia Katatonia: Dispossession Tristania: Lethean River Say what you want about gothic metal, but goddamn if it isn't sensual as fuck.She wields an extremely sharp sword made from an unknown gold alloy that is able to decapitate humanoids with great ease.Her mount is a winged creature that's a cross between a pterodactyl and a small chicken.

v=u7SUM...layer_embedded Still of the Night (Whitesnake) v=ZFt D1DMal3o Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard) Cannibal Corpse - Addicted to Vaginal Skin Nile - Masturbating the War God Broken Hope - She Came Out in Chunks Cancer - Tasteless Incest Necrophagia - Deep Inside, I Plant the Devil's Seed and, of course, Annihilator - Kraf Dinner Type O Negative: Black No.



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