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Now, you may recall that there was a brief moment last spring when the NRA seemed open to states — including Louisiana — placing some restrictions on firearms ownership for people in domestic violence cases.

It seemed weird at the time, and we attributed it to the group maybe having, if not a conscience, at least a momentary awareness that the group wasn’t helped a lot by headlines like “NRA Supports Gun Rights For Spouse Abusers.” But apparently that was just a passing fad, or at the very least, the group sees a huge difference between abusers who live with their victims and those who only visit and maybe get to leave a toothbrush for sleep-overs.

The revised bill also dropped provisions creating a felony level crime of stalking, and stripped out a ban on firearms for those convicted of stalking, presumably because even stalkers need to be able to protect themselves from other bad guys.

Those 3 AM stakeouts behind your ex’s apartment can force you to park in some pretty sketchy back alleys, after all.

The latter victims presumably have the option of arming themselves and standing their ground, which makes the shootout a lot more sporting.

The revised bill also got rid of some other language the NRA had a problem with, such as removing strangulation from the category of “severe bodily injury” that would prohibit someone from having a gun.

Like, for instance, people found guilty of domestic violence.Among other objections to the “dating partner” provisions, some witnesses worried that it would invite abuse, since it could encourage women, who are natural liars anyway, to falsely accuse men of domestic abuse, just to disarm them.



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