Herpes casual sex dating

Early detection and treatment is vital to both those who carry the virus and their loved ones. Way back when, I felt like I had to navigate the waters all by myself.This "primary outbreak" typically takes place 2-20 days after first exposure through sexual intercourse.However, research shows that less than 40% of recently-infected males will actually develop blisters during their initial outbreak.So it is critical to understand other common herpes symptoms: The appearance of these symptoms within several days of sexual intercourse (particularly with a new partner) may be an indication of the HSV-2 virus.For men who have previously experienced outbreaks of blisters and sores (i.e.those who are already infected), these symptoms become recognizable as warnings of a new outbreak.Among the large percentage of men who have never suffered an outbreak of blisters, however, these symptoms may be their only indication of infection.


Men infected with the HSV-2 virus that causes genital herpes, may experience symptoms that range from obvious signs of infection to mild symptoms could easily be overlooked.

Data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) showed that in 2010 four out of five American men infected with HSV-2 were unaware of their condition.



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    Even more significant has been the introduction and proliferation of cellphones with 3G service.

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