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Being so easily accessible and located just minutes away from the downtown core of Toronto, Malton singles are able to take advantage of the many things Toronto has to offer.Malton's proximity with Pearson International Airport (previously named Malton Airport), brought in many Polish, Sikh and Carribean immigrants to its mostly British population.Malton has been home to several notable residents through the years; CBC's The Hour's George Sroumboulopoulos, Hockey Hall of Famer Paul Coffey, and NHL player Mike Peca to name a few.UK Asian singles events, singles parties, UK Asian online dating, singles nights, chat and speed dating for Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh singles in the UK.UK Asian dating, UK Asian speed dating and UK Asian chat. Malton continued in this line of industry after the war as well, with Abro Canada taking over the Victory plant.The plant was operated by several other companies throughout the years until being demolished in 2005.


Malton Ontario is considered a neighbourhood in the city of Mississauga, located to the North West of Toronto.It's surrounded by Finch Avenue (its border with Toronto) and Highway 427, (making it unique in the sense it is in Mississauga but is not joint to any other Mississauga neighbourhood), the city of Brampton is located to its north, Airport Road to its west and the CN rail line to its south.The farmland in Malton proved to be conducive to agriculture; grain grew successfully, followed by the raising of various livestock which was sold to the York marketplace.During the second World War, Malton was home to Victory Aircraft, an aircraft manufacturer which built Avro Lancasters.


The first settlers came to Malton in 1819 from England, one of them being Richard Halliday who gave Malton its name (after his birthplace in Yorkshire).

These first settlers were responsible for clearing the land and cultivating farmland; by 1850 several businesses were situated around the "Four Corners" (Derry Road and Airport Road), including a cobbler, hotel, blacksmith and general store.



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