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I was in a monogamous relationship for four and a half months.It’s true that it wasn’t picturesque or close to perfection, but I truly did love and adore the person I was with.

We live in a society that keeps its cards close to its chest, through jaded smiles and deceptive relationships.We are the app generation: the illusive, the misleading, the ambiguous, the deceiving, the delusive and the distorted.Most of the profiles read like the resume of a sales executive. But you can tell that, behind those smiles, there is something darker: ”I’m an easygoing guy.I like to have a good time, and have a laugh with my mates. I’m looking to make some good friends and maybe more. Yet, beneath those wannabe personas, I can literally hear their longing cries for love and undivided romance through the cracks of social conformity.

I’m forced to stare idly at the pretentious profile photos gazing back at me through my phone screen.”Back here again,” I sigh to myself, as my thumb begins the tedious and soul-destroying process of swiping back and forth.

So, what exactly should my dating profile sound like?



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