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Compatibility Let’s have a look at the Davinci Ascent Vaporizer.If you are interested in using your Ascent for oils and waxes too, these are the products you need to make that happen.To make things better, they include heat resistant silicone lids that help prevent spillage.This includes one glass mouthpiece and one internal stem.If you are an Ascent owner that has broken or chipped the glass pieces of your device, or if you want spare parts to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment, this set is what you are looking for.


These cases are specifically designed with a hard foam, precision cut interior made for use with a particular vaporizer, so ensure that the case you order matches the vaporizer you own or intend to purchase.Features of this case include: This product is a car charger that can be used with either the Da Vinci or Ascent Vaporizers.



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