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Convince a friend in grad school to have an epic night with me because she has no class tomorrow. I promised myself the liquid diet, but not when you are having a free fabulous dinner at Del Posto. I order the bacon and steak and down glasses of red wine to entertain myself.Mumble an excuse after dinner about not feeling well and having to call it an early night. 10 p.m.: We go to the bar at the Jane Hotel where I stage a surprise meeting with my friend.Noon: Finally wake up and realize that it’s only noon.Automatically type into Seamless Web to order the usual brunch. Since getting laid off (okay it’s been six months now), life has been a cycle of drinking, boys, hangover, and Seamless.


I think I brought someone home though not really sure because he’s not there in the morning.4 p.m.: Attempts to go the gym prove futile as hangover from last night manifests itself in every way.Make plans for the night and convince another ex-banker to hit the bottle with me.I almost want to ask my doorman if I came home alone last night, but I make the executive decision not to.

4 p.m.: Realize tonight is French Tuesdays and that the party is on a yacht. I am currently dating a few to finance my Manhattan meal plan.

11 p.m.: Head to French Tuesdays and see the same old beautiful crowd — a mix of stylish Europeans and douchebag investment bankers, and ask myself again why I absolutely love this scene. I angrily storm out and the doorman asks me if I was with the twins last night. When I get home, I look him up on Facebook and see that he graduated and it was his parents’ penthouse in the city. We wanted to go out that night but I couldn’t think of a proper way to ditch him.



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