Hoops from flavor of love dating shaq


, Nikki is also known for dating retired NBA baller, Shaquille O’Neal.In an interview with Wet Paint, Nikki clues us in on what actually happened with her split from Shaq; if Shaq knows she is doing a reality show; and who she’s now dating. If she let Shaq know about her new reality show: I did. But at the end of the day — three years — it was my life too.Shaq jokes that her room is the “dungeon,’’ but it’s anything but.There are candy canisters all over the place — she has a serious sweet tooth — and the room is decorated with Taylor Swift and “Alice in Wonderland’’ posters.Now that "Flavor of Love" and "I Love Money" winner Hoopz has moved to Boston to live with Shaq, they want to give everyone an inside look into their home and lives. It’s difficult for either of them to stay serious when they’re anywhere near each other. She’ll charm you in a heartbeat, which may explain how she won two reality shows, VH1’s “Flavor of Love’’ and “I Love Money,’’ not to mention Shaq’s heart.So the couple did a two-on-one in an interview with Shaquille O’Neal stood in his kitchen on a recent chilly afternoon debating finances with his girlfriend, Nikki “Hoopz’’ Alexander. “I knew he was a goofball,’’ Alexander, 28, said of her boyfriend O’Neal, 38, who famously joined the Boston Celtics over the summer. We’re both goofballs.’’ Alexander is 5 feet 2 inches, making her about two feet shorter than her low-talking, tattooed boyfriend, the oldest active player in the NBA. Now Alexander is about to embark on her next entertainment project, a reality show that will have cameras following her life in the suburbs and her foray into the athletic-training business.I am not bring[ing] cameras in to hide certain pieces so I am very exposed in this which like I said and you will see a little bit of violability and which typically people do not see; [people] never see me cry which was funny because on one of the last shows they were like, ‘I don’t think that she can produce a tear’ and it is funny because now I feel like all I am doing on the new season is crying.We kind of had a long distance thing going on when I choose to leave Florida and he ended up taking someone else to a tennis tournament and was just all out in the open with it and I feel like that was the most hurtful part — because at the end of the day and I am not saying its right to do whatever you want to do behind closed doors, but out of respect maybe just let me know.


At home, she’s followed around by her two dogs, a teacup Yorkie named Hunny and a white Lab named Koty, which Shaq bought for her after another of her dogs was hit by a car.

She and Shaq also share a new pit bull that he named Shamrock — for obvious reasons. The dogs seem most at home in Hoopz’s hideaway, a room on the home’s top floor where she keeps all of her girlie belongings and history books — she loves all things fantasy and narrative nonfiction.



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