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'I've gained a healthy 28lbs and have worked out my entire pregnancy + ate clean throughout the last 9 months.(Excuse the no makeup pic being pregnant is hard work!Sun Of | No Comments » | permalink Bob Hope = Bob Saget from “Full House” and Hope Dworaczyk, Playboy model turned “Celebrity Apprentice“.Here’s how it went down: First, Hope left with her friend, as you see here…



Starring: Jeff Garlin, Ed Begely Jr, Bob Saget and Hope Dworaczyk Director: Jeff Garlin Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata Sound: Bo Town Sound Production Assistant: Mara Beckman Editor: Dustin Bowser Produced by: Sean Boyle, Josh Simpson and Mike Farah the bus bus riding drive driver girl hot girl sexy read reading playboy playmate naked nude awesome sexy boobs hot spray paint riders book reader bob saget ed begley jr.'Hard to believe this is #40weekspregnant + a few days overdue.I think there should be some max age limit allowed between significant others. I mean, when you’re old enough to be in THE GENERATION BEFORE YOU…

Yesterday's ultrasound measured the baby to be 9lbs 1oz.

(Tech said it is an estimate but is a big baby) So before you say I'm unhealthy or have a small stomach I'm 5'10".



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