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While not the first artist from Johnny's to take on rapping, his breakthrough made it easier for his juniors to rap as well, despite being idols.

Sakurai was also a part of a special group with his Kisarazu Cat's Eye World Series co-stars that same year.

Specially formed to promote the movie, they released the movie's theme song "Seaside Bye-Bye" Sakurai co-wrote the lyrics of six songs on the August 2010 Arashi album Boku no Miteiru Fūkei.

These songs are "Movin' On," "Mada Ue o", "Taboo" (Sho Sakurai solo), "Let Me Down," "Sora Takaku", and "Summer Splash!

is based on a bestselling novel published in 2010 by author Higashigawa Tokuya.

Sakurai and bandmate Kazunari Ninomiya co-starred together in the manga-based comedy drama Yamada Tarō Monogatari in 2007.

Sakurai will continue to play the lead role of Kageyama, together with Kitagawa Keiko. In 2002, Sakurai made his motion picture debut in Arashi's first movie together, Pikanchi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy .



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