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no Java no Flash player no need to download an app to your mobile Android or i Phone..Fire up your browser or mobile browser and search thousand of hot women and men some singles some are just wanting to chit chat and make friends.So direct in fact that they will get you exactly what you want within the first 2 minutes of saying them… You either get her number or you get a polite no, simple.Guys always seem to want to make things complicated by saying “Yeah, she’s hot but I just don’t know what to say” which is usually an excuse caused by approach anxiety. Now there’s no excuses buddy, because below are the best direct openers you’re ever going lay your virgin eyes on. If you’re having a lot of trouble figuring out how to build rapport or connect the first time you meet a girl, guess what? Listen, time is of the essence and there are so many women out there, give yourself a head start by cutting through the fluff and giving it to her straight. You’re stating your intent right off the bat, there’s no messing around with stupid in-direct openers asking her for directions or whatever.So we’ve written about the most famous pick up lines of all time, however today I want to spill the beans on the best openers for getting a girls attention and getting to the point damn quick.


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I should be given an in-field award or something for coming up with these bad boys. You like her, you want to meet up with her again and you’re a busy man. It also communicates that you’re a sexual, strong alpha male who knows what he wants. That’s it, my collection of kick-arse openers that work every time.

Want to know some of my best rejection proof openers that I use all the time?


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