How to deal with early teen dating

Sometimes, they may want to present a certain image to their friends and resort to violence (8).A teenager with friends who have a history of violence is more likely to be a part of an abusive relationship.Many teenagers suffer from psychological problems, which in turn can be the cause of teen violence (9).Teenagers who are addicted to alcohol or drugs too are likely to indulge in violent behavior (10).The causes behind dating violence in teens are varied, but all of them lead to some life-shattering effects.Teenage violence is real – we need to first accept the fact. Now it is very easy to live a life of denial and imagine all is good with the world.

There are a number of reasons that may lead to violence in teen dating.Here are the major ones: Low self-esteem can take a toll on teenagers (5). When a person has low self-worth, he may become the attacker, trying to control the partner to get a boost of confidence.


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