How to handle an intimidating person


Any of these situations can seem intimidating, and no sane person seeks out intimidation.Have you ever wondered what gives that scary person the emotional leverage to manipulate your feelings?Is there someone that makes you feel intimidated or insecure? It really doesn’t matter who that person is, if at all possible, we will naturally look for ways to limit our exposure intimidation and insecurity.Does someone you know bring out these feelings in you?Do they belittle you, or embarrass you in front of others.Do they treat you like a child, or constantly try to put you in your place?Think about it for a moment, how hard do you work at avoiding that person?Now ask yourself this simple question: There is always some core reason for such strong feelings.



Why does it feel like they are able to take control of your feelings?

Perhaps they are your employer or supervisor and it feels like they hold your career in the palm of their hand. Maybe they are just plain mean and confrontational and you are one of their favorite targets. In a moment I am going to answer that question for you, but there is a good chance you won’t like what I am about to say.


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