Hu ge and ariel lin dating Free adult role playing chat

He then had a breakthrough role in the 2004 television series “Chinese Paladin,” for which he also performed two soundtrack songs.

Hu Ge has starred in many popular films and television series since then, including “Shangri-La” (2010), “Refresh 3+7” (2013), “Nirvana in Fire” (2014), “Good Times” (2015) and “Go!

Besides being an actor, I also like to go back to living a simple and normal life." With Hu Ge indirectly admitted to his new relationship, many netizens left behind messages wishing the two happiness in the future!

33-year-old Chinese actor, Hu Ge was caught staying at a same hotel for 3 days with a woman, who was identified as Lin Xiao.

Born on September 20, 1982, he also goes by the name Hugh Hu.


Besides being from a rich family, she also went to the same school as popular Chinese actress Liu Shishi(劉詩詩).

The two were also recently seen spending 3 nights together at a hotel by Chinese media!

Last month, Hu Ge’s assistant was seen picking up Lin Xiao from the airport.

The next day, Hu Ge entered into the same hotel room which Lin Xiao was staying.

After the rumor broke out, He Ge responded to the matter on his Weibo account, he wrote: "Thank you for everyone's concern.In the future, I hope people can give us some space.


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    "Personally identifiable information" is information that tells us who you are, such as your name, screen name, email address, postal address, phone number, credit card information, birth date/year and gender.

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