I am dating a fat guy

e can surely appreciate the appeal of a greased-up, muscular dude with chiseled abs, and we’ve dated our fair share of super skinny hipster guys who liked to steal our skinny jeans, but when it comes down to it, we think chubby guys are where it’s at. When a chubby guy wraps his arms around you, it’s like wrapping a giant tortilla around a burrito. They’ll understand and empathize with your body image issues more than any other guy ever has. They generate more body heat than skinny guys do as a matter of scientific fact. From their cozy body heat to the great sex (spoiler alert: extra pounds = extra bounce = extra hot), we can’t get enough. They keep you warm and safe and protected from all the salsa and sour cream. And speaking of burritos, they are totally comfortable watching you scarf a massive one down. There’s not a chance they’ll notice if you gain 5 pounds. Finally, someone has more butt sweat than you in the summer! They are 100 percent more likely to feed you a hearty breakfast the next morning. Their t-shirts and sweatshirts double as full-body cocoons.

They may even give you a high five when you’re done. You know they’d win in a fight against Adam Levine…hands down. They jog at your pace, or even a little bit slower. They are leagues and bounds more comfortable to have sex with. No hip bones poking your inner thighs you and you can ride them with more bounce.



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